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I’m Ashley, and I am so glad you are here. I find beauty in emotion, connection, and gorgeous light. I believe that every mama has a wonderful story to be told, and my desire is to tell your story in the most authentic and emotionally moving way possible. My images are filled with real connections and moments unique to your own story. So if you are ready for an adventure with some amazing photos then let’s do this!

Lawton Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer


"the most beautiful things in life are not things. they're people and places and memories and pictures. they're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter.”


These sessions are for the mamas  who want to dance in the meadows, hike the mountains, and splash in the creeks, who want to truly let go and just “be,” all while I capture these moments that are unique to you and your family. For a moment in time, I ask you to let go and be your most authentic selves. Snuggle your babies close, embrace your pregnancy, and love on your partner. I love details and emotion, the precious moments of you embracing the rawness of motherhood, or sneaking a sugar from your sweetie…I love everything about these special moments.

"Photographs are proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect."


Why do I want to mentor?

I want to mentor because every single person deserves a champion, and I want to be that person for you! Everyone should invest in themselves, and you deserve nothing less than the very best. 

I am completely transparent, and I have created my mentorships to give you tools to become successful. With dedication and hard work, we can create something amazing for you. I want you to find your spark, what sets your soul on fire, and to create a foundation for you to be sustainable and successful. 

You have just gained an amazing friend who wants you to know you are valued, seen, and heard. I am so excited to go on this amazing ride with you. Let’s Chase Your Passion together! 

Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photographer in the Lawton Area & beyond

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If you are up for an adventure, real connections, the authenticity of your season, and moments unique to your family I would be honored to tell your story.