Summer Stylin’

Oklahoma summers are super beautiful, and probably one of my most favorite things. Yes, its blazing hot for the majority of the time, but I am convinced you will never see a more beautiful sunset. The most beautiful locations here in Oklahoma have those wonderful earthy tones, and I love to style my clients to be comfortable yet cohesive and also look their best within the environment we have chosen for their session.

You can easily mix and match colors, patterns, textures, and accessories and have clients looking flawless. I encourage all of my clients to let me take part in the styling process for a few reasons. First, I know the locations that I love to shoot, and I know what colors will really pop. I really love it when clients think outside of the box with styling.

Some fun styling tips for a stunning summer session:

  1. Flowy dresses are SO beautiful for mamas and girls and help show movement in your photos. They are super lightweight, comfy, and flattering!
  2. Get dad outside of the box! I know this is Oklahoma and we love us some cowboys, but you can still achieve a “western look” with jeans, boots, and a Henley instead of a traditional button-down Chinch shirt. Bring along the cowboy hat or a ball cap for an accessory, but plan on having it off for a different look too! I love RAD DADS that mix it up and go for khakis or color jeans! It’s so unique to have dads that go with a totally different vibe than traditional Oklahoma.
  3. Accessories! Hats, jewelry, head scarves, hair bows (within reason
    !!) purses, belts, small backpacks, different quilts, blankets, and textiles can all really add something special to your session.
  4. Create you look from head to toe. Shoes matter SO much! You can plan the perfect outfits and the shoes can totally kill the vibe. I personally love a barefoot mama and kiddos!


Hi! I’m Ashley, and I am so glad you are here. I find beauty in emotion, connection, and gorgeous light. I believe that every mama has a wonderful story to be told, and my desire is to create enduring portraits that are not only beautiful, but emotionally moving as well. My images are filled with real connections, movement, and moments unique to your own story.