Adventures & Travel

I have always been a dreamer. Since childhood I have had a desire for adventure, and wanderlust deep in my soul. I grew up in the tiny mountains of Southwest Oklahoma riding my horses, exploring the woods, and losing myself in constant daydreams. I have a profound love for nature and all things wild and free. I married the most adorable farm boy, and we have three of the most amazing kiddos.

We love everything about farm life and pride ourselves in our strong faith and work ethics. Our children have a deep love for animals and nature, and they are so blessed to love and live this life. The farm and life we have built does not leave us the option to live in and experience the beauty of this country but traveling opens up so many opportunities to sooth my itch to pick up and move! I have made it a personal goal to travel more with my children. I want them to grow up with an appreciation for all the beauty in our world. My hubby will join in when he can.

I would be thrilled to come to you or meet you at one of my amazing “must see” destinations, or anywhere in the world you would like me to tag along to! Let’s talk about a discount and make it happen! I would just love to have an adventure with your family.

**Travel fees such as flight, vehicle rental, and hotel/lodging are additional. These costs may be divided if more than one session is booked. 

Must See:

  • PNW Coast
  • Hawaii where the ocean meats the forest
  • Glacier
  • Olympic
  • Yellowstone
  • Zion
  • MOAB
  • Joshua Tree
  • Mt. Rainer
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Maine
  • Carolina Coast
Family Photographer, Man and woman, a couple, embrace as she jumps into his arms in a dry grassy field